Frequently Asked Questions

In shopping around, I received quotes lower than yours. Why?

Just as with other businesses, not all auto glass companies are the same. Sometimes our prices are the lowest and sometimes we are a little higher.  In every case, we are very confident with the service and product we provide to our customers. As a result, we will make every effort to find a way to do your job and save you money. One thing we avoid is unrealistic (and unsafe) cut-rate offers.  All materials have a cost.  While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest glass company, ask yourself if you always go for the cheapest product when shopping.  Did you buy the cheapest car possible? Did you buy the cheapest house on the market?  Do you look for the cheapest physician when faced with an illness or injury?

Quality does matter! By cutting corners, you run the risk of compromising the safety and the structural integrity of your vehicle. For example, if not installed correctly, during an accident, your windshield may not be able to support your vehicle’s airbag — basically rendering it non-functional! Cutting corners has become such a common practice in this business that several news programs, such as 20/20, have featured segments addressing this exact problem.

Almost any business could save their customers money if they are willing to cut corners. However, cutting corners in this business is not a safe way to go. We will not compromise on the quality of service provided or the safety of our customers.

Does Express AutoGlass use original manufactures glass when doing replacements?

Yes! In order to retain the vehicle glass’ strength and proper fit, we not only use original manufactured glass whenever possible , but we also use original adhesive as well. We also inspect each piece for optical clarity and quality. This way, we can assure that our customers receive only the finest glass replacement parts available. This is second in importance only to the quality of installation!

Is there a difference between repair and replacing auto glass?

Absolutely! Express AutoGlass may be able to repair certain types of damage on your existing windshield. However, should the windshield need to be replaced, your Express AutoGlass installation specialist will follow strict standards and procedures so you can be confident your new windshield is safely installed.

My windshield is leaking. Can you just replace the seal or pug the leak?

We do fix leaking windshields installed by other companies.  However, we suggest that you contact the glass company that provided the original service and attempt to have them take care of the problem at no cost first.

If they cannot or will not remedy the situation, we will do what we can, but be advised that to do so may require extensive labor or even a new windshield. You may be surprised that we usually can’t simply squirt in some sealant to patch up the leak.  However, in order to create a proper bond we need to remove the leaking windshield in order to inspect the surface to determine what is causing the leak.

There are a number of reasons why a windshield may leak — the number one cause being rust — a result of cutting corners and improper installation procedures by other glass companies. ( See our page entitled, Installation Information ) In addition, bad urethane placement, too little adhesive, uneven placement of urethane, lack of primers or any combination of these and other factors can also result in vehicle leaks. The bottom line is that the windshield needs to be properly inspected before a solution to the problem can be determined.

Does Express AutoGlass only repair automobile glass, or do you repair other types too?

Express AutoGlass is best known for it’s quality in repairing and replacing automobile glass windshields, back glass and side window glass. However, we do not service any types of household glass such as that used for mirrors or shelving.

Can Express AutoGlass provide services to meet my individual schedule?

We sure can! We know your schedule can get hectic. So, if you cannot come to us, we can come to you. Express AutoGlass offers mobile service — sending one of our installation specialists directly to your vehicle.

Is there an Express AutoGlass location in my area?

It really doesn’t matter because with Express AutoGlass’ mobile service — with just one simple phone call, we can come to you!  To schedule service, call (630) 955-9900 OR (800) 794-4855 for more information.

Does Express AutoGlass provide other glass-related services?

Yes, Express AutoGlass also provides a high-quality auto glass TINTING service. So, if the sun is getting to you or if you just need a little privacy, we’re the ones to call.

How does my insurance company get billed for the autoglass services?

Express AutoGlass handles the entire insurance claim process for you. Once you schedule service with us, we will confirm your glass coverage and place the claim directly with your insurance company.

I don't know if my insurance company covers replacement or how to file a claim. Can you help?

Yes we can!  At Express AutoGlass, dealing with insurance companies is one of our specialties.  Just give us your insurance information, and we can do the rest.  Not only can we assist with the paperwork, but in some cases (depending on your specific coverage), you can have the work done and drive away with absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

What if my insurance company doesn't provide full glass replacement coverage?

If you don’t have full glass coverage, or if you have a deductible, you may be required to pay a small portion of the replacement costs when you pick up your vehicle.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on your services?

Of course!  Our workmanship and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the job, just let us know, and we’ll make it right!

How do I know your installers are qualified?

Your auto glass installation technician must understand all technical aspects of auto glass replacement. They must be familiar with the proper tools and methods of windshield removal, preparation of the pinch weld, and the different adhesives available that will provide the strength to hold the windshield in your vehicle. They must also understand the proper methods to prevent leakage and/or rust around the pinch weld where the windshield will bond to the automobile. Our installers have years of experience and have installed hundreds of windshields. You can rest assured that your new windshield will be properly installed to the factory specifications or better.

What about the inspection / DMV / school stickers on my windshield?

We will carefully remove your original stickers and swap them over to your new windshield. This way, you don’t have to go through the trouble of obtaining replacements.

What about my rear view mirror?

Swapping your rear view mirror to your new windshield is part of our service. There is no additional cost for this service.